LEBER Marie Anne

LEBER Marie Anne

F vers 1657 -

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  • Nom LEBER Marie Anne 
    Naissance vers 1657  Pîtres,27590,Eure,Haute-Normandie,FRANCE, Trouvez tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu 
    • ! <http://genforum.genealogy.com/barrois/messages/23.html>Barrois Family Genealogy ForumAntoine Barrois & Anne LeberPosted by: Peter Kuhlmann (ID *****4639)Date: January 22, 2011http://books.google.ca/books?id=cysuJ8JMIdMC&pg=PA108&lpg=PA108&dq=Antoine+Lothman+de+Barrois&source=bl&ots=hJ6aVPzUmo&sig=AME6NK3YV_3030YcMPE_Yoy5BOQ&hl=en&ei=0DYeTeLOHZyLnAeKqJCZDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10&ved=0CFEQ6AEwCTgU#v=onepage&q=Antoine%20Lothman%20de%20Barrois&f=falseThe link above is for a page on Antoine Barrois and his family, in French. The translation is as follows, and corrects a great deal of misinformation derived from an error in a genealogy produced by Tanguay many years ago."Antoine Barrois Was Born in 1641. He is the son of John Barrois, a master surgeon, and Marie Fournel of the parish of Saint-Nicolas-du-Chateau Chantel Diocese of Bourges in the province of Berry . Member of the regiment of Carignan-Salt, hearrived at Quebec September 12, 1665, aboard the ship Saint Sebastian, as a surgeon in the company of Captain La Varenne. On 23 September the same year, he received the scapular of Mount Caramel in Quebec . Upon the return of the regiment inFrance in 1668, its mission accomplished, Barrois decided to settle in the Montreal area. From 1771 to 1783 (sic - obviously should be 1671-1683), he lived in the Parish-The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Laprairie in La Prairie, Fort-de-la-Madeleine, where, 10 April 1671, he was the godfather of Antoine Boyer, second child to be baptized in this parish.January 11, 1672, in Montreal , in front of notary B. Basset he passed a marriage contract with Leber Anne, daughter of Francis and Frances Leber. His contract of marriage is remarkable because almost all family members including Le Moyne signed as witnesses (3). The next day, at Notre-Dame cathedral, the religious ceremony is celebrated. The couple moved to Laprairie. At the time of the 1681 census, the family consists of Antoine Barrois, father, surgeon, aged 40, Anne Leber, mother, aged 22 years and five children, Philip, born September 13, 1672 Catherine, born May 26, 1674, Francis, born March 9, 1676, Charles, born May 3, 1678 and Marie-Anne, born 1st January 1680.November 16, 1682, Antoine Barrois, master surgeon, and his wife sold their land to Stephen Bizallou at La Prairie de la Madeleine on the little river St. Jacques. The contract was awarded before the notary C. Maugue. The family decides to establish themselves in New Holland (now New York ). On 15 January 1683, their son Anthony was born in the English colonies of Flemings in the country. The ceremonies of Baptism were supplied to him July 26, 1699 at Laprairie.Tanguay, in Volume I of his Genealogical Dictionary, page 27, writes Antoine Barrois, once established in Detroit , calls himself Barrois Lothman. This is in contradiction with the marriage of Jean-Baptiste Lootman, weddings celebrated at Notre-Dame in Montreal March 30, 1717, where it is recorded that the latter, aged 26 and originally from Cote d ' Isope New England, is the son of H?librard Lootman, deceased, and Anne Leber. That means in 1689 Anne Leber was already a widow ofAntoine Barrois and married H?librard Lootman. In this marriage, also attended Lootman Francis, brother of the groom, and Fran?ois Leber, uncle of the groom. It seems that after the death of her second husband, Anne Leber is married for a third time to Francis Painsoneau Lafleur. Indeed, 21 July 1712, at the marriage of Jacques Lafleur and Marie Bourassa Laprairie, it is meant that Anne Leber is the mother of the groom and said that Francis Painsoneau Lafleur is the father, the father and mother being alive but absent at the ceremony.It seems that Antoine Barrois has died in New Holland about 1687, as his widow remarried in 1689."Some of this translation could probably be improved from the literal by someone with a greater knowledge of French, but the genealogical facts are clear. The authors have had access to the relevant documents
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    Père LEBER Francois,   n. ?,,,,FRANCE, Trouvez tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu 
    Mère LEFRANCOIS Francoise,   n. ?,,,,FRANCE, Trouvez tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu 
    ID Famille 389692U  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau de famille

    Famille 1 BARROIS Antoine 
    Mariage 12 jan 1672  Montreal,,Montreal,Quebec,CANADA, Trouvez tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu 
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    ID Famille 386715U  Feuille familiale  |  Tableau de famille

    Famille 2 LOOTMAN Jean Baptiste Hillebrand,   b. 14 avr 1660, Wildwyck,,New Hollans,New York,UNITED STATES, Trouvez tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu,   d. après 1699  (âge ~ 40 années) 
    Mariage 20 déc 1689  ?,,,New England,USA, Trouvez tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu 
     1. LOOTMAN Francois,   n. vers 1696, Escopus,,Ulster County,New York,UNITED STATES, Trouvez tous les individus avec un évènement dans ce lieu
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    Lien Google MapNaissance - vers 1657 - Pîtres,27590,Eure,Haute-Normandie,France, Lien Google Earth
    Lien Google MapMariage - 12 jan 1672 - Montreal,,Montreal,Quebec,Canada, Lien Google Earth
    Lien Google MapMariage - 20 déc 1689 - ?,,,New England,Usa, Lien Google Earth
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