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* Medical Information:Mildred died during the influenza epidemic of 1918. She was pregnant at the time.
* Note: After their wedding, Mildred and Prosper established their home in Penetanguishene, where they seem to have lived for the rest of their lives. In June 1908, the month their first daughter wasborn, they became godparents to Mildred's younger sister Zita in Penetanguishene. The next day their little daughter sadly died. Mildred and Prosper had eight daughters and one son before her untimely death in 1918 at the age of 30, perhaps as the result of childbirth.
* She had 9 children 
ARBOUR Mary "Mildred" (6093I)
* Medical Information:She suffered from placenta previa during pregnancy, which caused severe bleeding and during which medical science could not help her in 1908.
* Note:In the ARBOUR-DAME household, only French was spoken. This remained true until after Lucy's death. When Edward married Margaret, she didn't know French and demanded that everyone speak English. During their short life together, Lucy and Edward were devoted to each other. Upon her premature death, Edward was completely devastated.

No record of Lucy's death can be found. However, there seems to be little question among the family that she died while living in Hoosick Falls. One explanation for this may be that the family was known for being very poor. Perhaps they could not afford a tombstone and that she was not "important" enough for an obituary. However, a death certificate should still have been issued regardless of hercircumstances. --> No longer true! A death certificate was uncovered in early 2005 by descendant Kathleen (DAME) FIERRO.

According to the age at time of death recorded on Lucy's death certificate, she would have been born 02 June 1876, not 22 June.She had 4 children 
ARBOUR Lucy (5506I)
* Medical Information:She was ill for 1 month and under a doctor's care for just 6 days before her death.
* Note:Jennie is also believed to have had a hunchback, a trait she may have received from her Aunt Jennie McCONKEY, who was a sister of her mother. It is unknown if Jennie ever married or had children. --> New info suggests that Jennie married Frederick James HINES. No further info can be found. --> Stay tuned . . .

On 29 May 1924, Jennie travelled to the US via Buffalo, NY. She intended to visit her fiance Frederick J. HINES, 9213 Edmond Ave, Cleveland, OH. She was noted as being 5'2" with a ruddy complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes. She had $25 in her pocket.

In June 1924, Jennie travelled to the US via Buffalo, NY. She intended to visit her fiance Frederick N. J. HINES, 9213 Edmond Ave, Cleveland, OH. She was noted as being 5'3" with a ruddy complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes. She had $25 inher pocket.

Perhaps this is our Jennie . . .
State of Ohio Death Index
died in Cuyahoga Co, OH, on 12 Jul 1924
vol 4499 cert 38527

From the Cleveland Necrology File . . .
Id#: 0147669
Name: Hines, Ann Jane
Date: 14 July 1924
Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #037.
Notes: Hines-Ann Jane, age 23 years, beloved wife of James F. Hines, Saturday, 12 July. Funeral services at late residence, 9213 Edmond avenue, Monday, 14 July, at 10:30 am.

--> Yes, the above refer to our Jennie. She appears to have been married just about a month before her death.

According to her death record, she was born on 29 Jun 1901. 
ARBOUR Ann Jane (1958I)
* Name:Angeline ARBOUR
* Sex:F
* ALIA:Angelique /ARBOUR/
* Birth:20 FEB 1827 in L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Quebec, Canada
* Death:1906 in Rensselaer County, New York, USA
* Baptism:20 FEB 1827 L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Quebec, Canada
* Event:Godparents Henry ARBOUR and Angelique ARBOUR
* Burial:St Jean's Cemetery in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, USA
* Immigration:1870 from Canada to USA
* Occupation:Tailoress (1870); Keeps House (1880)
* Residence:Troy, NY, in Aug 1870, in 1875-84 incl Jun 1880 (53 Lincoln Ave), in 1885 (58 Congress St), and in Jun 1900 (413 1/2 2nd St)
* Note:According to the 1880 Census, Angeline was 52, making her born in about 1827.

According to the 1900 Census, Angeline was born in Feb 1823.

According to her tombstone, Angeline was born in 1822.

By Jun 1900, Angeline had given birth to 11 children, 9 of whom were still living. 
ARBOUR Angeline (1914I)
* Name:Charles ARBOUR
* Sex:M
* ALIA:Charles MORIN or Charles /CASSIDY/
* Birth:6 APR 1857 in Perce, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
* Death:16 MAR 1936 in Cannes-de-Roches, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
* Occupation:Fisher (1881); Laborer (1891); Fisher (1901, 1911); Farmer (1911)
* Residence:Perce, QC, in 1881, in 1891, in 1901, in 1911, and in Mar 1936
* PROP:1901: They owned a 3-room house on 33 acres with 1 outbuilding on part of Cadastral 590
* Baptism:4 MAY 1857 St-Michel Catholic Church in Perce, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
* Event:Godparents Francois LAFLAMME and Francoise LAFLAMME
* Note:Who is this Charles and how does he connect to the ARBOUR Tree?

From Denis ARBOUR on 19 Jul 2007: I think finding who Charles' parents will be an almost impossible task . . .

From his baptism record: "Le quatre mai mil huit cent cinquante sept, nous prêtre soussigné avons baptisé sous conditions Charles né le six avril dernier de parents inconnus. Parrain François Laflamme, Marraine Françoise Laflamme qui n'ont su signer." OR "On the 4th of May 1857, I, the undersigned priest, have conditionally baptised Charles born on the 6th of April to unknown parents. Godfather François Laflamme, godmother Françoise Laflamme who were not able to sign."

Note: When one is baptised as illegitimate, he (or she) is usually not "attached" to anyone. The parents are often recorded as "unknown" or "illegitimate" even tough the priest knows who they are. The father is sometimes recorded as Joseph when his real name is unknown.

From Denis ARBOUR on 20 Jul 2007: Why CASSIDY and ARBOUR? Maybe, after all, Charles' illegitimate mother is actually the Charlotte MORIN who married Isaac CASSIDY and his illegitimate father is an ARBOUR. Or, maybe, Charles was adopted by anARBOUR family. 
ARBOUR Charles (1374I)
* Name:Joseph-"Edouard"-Gaspard ARBOUR
* Sex:M
* ALIA:Edouard ARBOUR or Edward /ARBOUR/
* Birth:26 JUN 1865 in L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Quebec, Canada
* Death:20 APR 1944 in Mechanicville, Saratoga County, New York, USA of Heart Attack
* Residence:Pownal Twp, VT, 1880; North Adams, MA, 1891-1896 (17 Brooklyn) and 1900 (79 W Main - boarder w/ Joseph CABANA); Mechanicville, SaratogaCo, NY, 1910-20 (221 2nd Ave), 1924, 1930 (133 N Main St), and 1944; Pownal, VT, 1944
* Immigration:1878 from Canada to USA
* NATU:6 OCT 1896 US Citizenship - Northern Berkshire District Court in North Adams, MA
* Occupation:Cotton Mill Worker (1880); RR Switchman - Williamstown MA (1890s-1900); Switchtender (1909); RR Brakeman (1910); RR Switchman (1920); B & M RR Switchman (1924); Trainman - Boston & MaineRR (55 yrs)
* PROP:1930: They rented a house for $35 per month
* Baptism:27 JUN 1865 L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Quebec, Canada
* Burial:24 APR 1944 Old St Paul Cemetery in Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York, USA
* Medical Information:He was ill with congestive heart failure for 3 days before his death, which was brought on by arteriosclerotic heart disease and general arteriosclerosis.
* Note:According to the 1910 Census, Edward was born in Rhode Island -- which is incorrect.

According to the 1930 and 1920 Censuses, Edward was born about 1862-1863 -- which is incorrect.

According to the 1920 Census, Edward was naturalized in 1884, which differs from the official record.

Index Card from Edward's Naturalization Record:
Name: Edward A Arbour
Birth Date: 24 Jun 1867
Birth Place: Great Britain
Age at event: 29
Place of Residence: North Adams, MA (Brooklyn St)
Date of Naturalization: 6 Oct 1896
Court: North Adams, MA, District Court, Northern Berkshire
Collection Title: Index to New England Naturalization Petitions, 1791-1906 (M1299)
NARA Series#: M1299; Roll#: 48; Roll Description: A536 (A.) - B226 (Pietro)

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 11 Oct 1899
HELD FOR STEALING WATCH -- Edward Arbour Was Arrested As He Left Train In This City
Word was received this morning by the local police from Deputy Sheriff Woodworth of Mechanicville that a man by the name of Edward Arbour was wanted in that place for grand larceny. He was due here on the train from the west at 10 o'clock and Captain Parrow and Officer Jones were at the station and took him into custody as he got off. It is alleged that Arbour stole a gold watch valued at $60 from John Jackson in the Commercial house at Mechanicville. Arbour denied the charge when questioned at the police station, but was held pending action by the Mechanicville authorities. The watch has notbeen recovered. It was plain gold with the name "John Jackson" engraved inside the case.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Thursday 12 Oct 1899
Edward Arbour, the man arrested by local police yesterday for the Mechanicville officers on the charge of stealing a gold watch, was taken back to Mechanicville at noon. He went willingly, saying he could prove his innocence. He was so anxious to go, in fact, that he asked to be taken back yesterday, and went so far as to pay the expenses of an officer in taking him back if he could go at once.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Saturday 19 Jul 1919
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arbour of Mechanicville, visited the former's mother, Mrs. Arbour Thursday.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Saturday 01 Nov 1919
Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson entertained their friends with a Halloween party at their home Thursday evening. There were pretty halloween decorations, Halloween games, music and dancing, a Scottish dance by Edward Arbour proving very pleasing. During the evening a buffet lunch was served.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Monday 17 May 1926
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arbour of Mechanicville visited at the home of Mrs. Eva Nedeau Sunday.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Friday 07 Jun 1929
PERMIT IS ISSUED FOR NEW BUNGALOW -- Edward Arbour To Build House On State Road -- Other Building Work Authorized
The construction of a five-room bungalow, which will be built on the south side of the State road in this city by Edward Arbour, is among the projects authorized in permits issued during the past week by the Municipal Building Inspector H. L. Ashley. E. F. Chilson has the contract to build the house for Mr. Arbour.

Times Record (Troy, NY) -- Tuesday 16 Feb 1943
Mrs. Katherine Farnan, widow of Francis Farnan, died today at Leonard Hospital in Troy. A native of Mechanicville, she had resided with her uncle, Edward Arbour, 133 North Main Street. She was a daughter of the late John Walsh and was a member of St Paul's Church. Besides her uncle, she is survived by two sisters, Mrs. William Hudson and Mrs. Harry Cullinan.

Times Record (Troy, NY) -- Wednesday 17 Feb 1943
The funeral of Mrs. Katherine Farnan, who died in the Leonard Hospital early yesterday morning, will be from the home of Edward Arbour, 133 North Main Street, tomorrow at 9 am and from St Paul's Church at 9:30 am. The body will be placed in the vault at St Paul's Cemetery.

Times Record (Troy, NY) -- Tuesday 16 Mar 1943
Edward Arbour of Mechanicville has been appointed administrator of the estate of his niece, Catherine Veronica Farnan of Mechanicville.

Troy Record (NY) -- 09 Dec 1943
Edward Arbour has returned to Mechanicsville after visiting his brother, Albert Arbour, and their sister, Minnie Needeau.

Troy Record (NY) -- 07 Apr 1944
Edward Arbour of Mechanicville is visiting his sister Mrs. Minnie Needeau.

Troy Record (NY) -- 15 Apr 1944
Edward Arbour has come from Mechanicville to make his home with his sister Mrs. Minnie Needeau.

Troy Record (NY) -- 21 Apr 1944
Edward Arbour, who came recently from Mechanicville to make his home here with his sister Mrs. Minnie Needeau, has suffered a heart attack and is now at Putnam Memorial Hospital in Bennington.

Troy Record (NY) -- 24 Apr 1944
Edward Arbour, a widely known resident of this city for sixty years, died Thursday night in the Putnam Memorial Hospital at Bennington, VT. He was born in Canada 80 years ago and came here when a young man. Mr. Arbour, employed by the Bostonand Maine Railroad for 55 years, retired several years ago. He was a member of St Paul's Church, Mechanicville Lodge, BPOE: Court Mechanicville, Foresters ofAmerica, and the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. The survivors include his two sisters, Mrs. Rose Wells, North Adams, MA, and Mrs. Minnie Nedeau, North Pownal, VT; two brothers, John and Albert, both of North Pownal; and several nieces and nephews, including Fred Arbour of this city. The funeral will be from the John J. Ryan Funeral Home, Park Avenue, today at 9 am and from St Paul's Church at 9:30 am. Burial will be in Old St Paul's Cemetery on the Viall Avenue Hill.

Troy Record (NY) -- 25 Apr 1944
The funeral of Edward Arbour of this city, who died Thursday night at Putnam Memorial Hospital, Bennington, VT, was from the John J. Ryan Funeral Home, Park Avenue, yesterday at 9 am and from St Paul's Church at 9:30 am, where a mass of requiem was celebrated by Rev. Joseph Hyson. Burial was in Old St Paul's Cemetery on the Viall Avenue Hill. 
ARBOUR Joseph Edouard Gaspard (4892I)
* Name:Moise ARBOUR
* Sex:M
* Birth:26 FEB 1836 in L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Quebec, Canada
* Death:1 APR 1916 in North Pownal, Bennington County, Vermont, USA of Aortic Regurgitation
* Occupation:Cotton Mill Worker (1880); Laborer (1880); none (1900, 1910); Laborer (1911)
* Residence:Pownal Twp, Bennington Co, VT, in 1880; Pownal, VT, in 1900 and in 1910; North Adams, MA, in 1911 (4 Dunbar Ave)
* Immigration:1878 from Canada to USA
* Baptism:26 FEB 1836 L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Quebec, Canada
* Event:Godparents Pierre ARBOUR and Marie LATOUCHE
* Medical Information:He was ill for several years before his death.
* Note:1880 Census
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Moses ARBROW Self M M W 44 CAN Works In Cotton Mill CAN CAN
Moses ARBROW Son S M W 17 CAN Laborer CAN CAN
Edward ARBROW Son M W 16 CAN Works In Cotton Mill CAN CAN
Elizabeth ARBROW Dau S F W 11 CAN Works In Cotton Mill CAN CAN
Joseph ARBROW Son S M W 9 CAN Works In Cotton Mill CAN CAN
Sophia ARBROW Mother F W 68 CAN CAN CAN
Residence: Pownal, Bennington, Vermont
[FHL Film 1255341, NA Film T9-1341, Pg 436D]

In the 1900 Census, 10 of Moise and Minnie's 12 children were still living.

In the 1910 Census, Moise was recorded as 73, which makes him born in about 1837. Also, Minnie had reportedly given birth to 12 children, only 8 of whom were still alive.

By the time of the 1920 Census, Moise had died and Minnie had several of her adult children living with her -- Rose, Albert, and Minnie Eva -- as well as 2 grandchildren -- Minnie Eva's son Edward NADEAU and Amelia's daughter Elizabeth WELLS. This Census also erroneously reports that the family migrated in 1882, which is impossible, as they were listed in the 1880 Census in Vermont. 
ARBOUR Moise (1433I)
* NATU:3 NOV 1926 Filed Declaration for US Citizenship (64951)
* Note: In Mar 1924, Lionel travelled to the US via the port of Montreal, QC. He was headed to Holyoke, MA, to stay with his aunt Alexandrine and her husband Honore BLAIS (although he was recorded ashis cousin). Lionel was noted to be 5'6" with a medium complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes. He carried $100 with him. 
ARBOUR Lionel (3004I)
* Occupation:Business College Teacher (1930); Instructor at Hollins College in Roanoke, VA (1956); Instructed at US Navy Business Administration Schools and then at Hollins for 15 years; retired in 1970
* Burial:North Pownal Cemetery in Pownal, Bennington County, Vermont, USA
* Event:Military WWII -- US Coast Guard
* Religion:Episcopalian -- attended St Mark Church in Hoosick Falls, NY
* Medical Information:He had been ill for 1 year before his death, which was acclerated by atherosclerotic heart disease.
* Note:North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 12 May 1926
APRIL HONOR ROLL AT HIGH SCHOOL -- Standings Are Announced By Principal Gant
The honor roll for the month of April for the pupils of Williamstown High School was made public today by Principal Francis Y. Gant. . . . Those who attained honors, having an average grade of B, andno less than C, are: Senior School, 3rd year -- Harold Arbour . . .

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Tuesday 08 Jun 1926
At a recent metting of the Senior Class of Williamstown High School, a committee of three was selected for the class day exercises which are to be held the night before graduation, 23 June. Those chosen to serve on the comittee were Harold J. Arbour, chairman, Miss Jessemine Prince and Gilda Metour. A program is now being arranged and will be published within a few days. North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Monday 01 Aug 1927
Harold J. Arbour entered Allen's School of Commerce in Troy, NY, on Monday, where he will take a two-years' commercial teachers course.North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Monday 03 Jul 1939
Harold J. Arbour, supervisor of the secretarial department of the Spencer Business and Secretarial School in Schenectady, NY, is spending a short vacation at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Arbour. Mr. Arbour and 50 of his students held a picnic at Ooroga? Lake, NY, last Friday which marked the closing of the present semester. School will be resumed on Wednesday, 5 July, when the six-week's summer session will beginNorth Adams Transcript (MA) -- Thursday 26 Feb 1942
Harold J. Arbour, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Arbour, recently enlisted in the US Coast Guard, now under US Navy supervision, at the Albany recruiting station. He is located at the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, MD.Troy Record (NY) -- 31 Oct 1945
Harold J. Arbour, a member of the Coast Guard service since February 1942, has received his honorable discharge and will spend some time at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Arbour, of NorthPownal. Assistant Principal of Spencer Business School in Schenechtady before enlisting, he has been engaged in teaching shorthand and typing since being in the service. He has trained about 250 men and 2,000 women -- the men for immediate sea duty and the women each replacing a man on shore duty. Mr. Arbour has no plans for his immediate future.Bennington Evening Banner (VT) -- 25 Apr 1956
Harold J. Arbour has returned to Hollins College in Roanoke, VA, where he is an instructor. He was called here by the death of his mother, Mrs. John D. Arbour.
___North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Saturday 02 May 2009
25 years ago today [02 May 1984]
Pownal, VT -- Murray Lewis, a resident of Orchard Street, was elected commander of American Legion Post 90 at the annual election of officers Tuesday night in the Legion social hall. Mr. Lewis succeeds Leo Pellerin who has held the office ofcommander for the past four years. Other officers chosen are vice commander, Carl Tucker; adjutant, Barbara Clayborn; finance officer, Joel Burrington; chaplain, Michael Fressola; and historian, Harold Arbour.
02 May 1908 -- Born in Pownal, Vermont, Harold John ARBOUR was the younger of 2 children born to cotton mill worker, liveryman, and farmer John Adelard ARBOUR and his wife Rebecca GOWER. Harold grew up in Pownal and appears to have applied himself in school, where he made the honor roll. On 24 June 1926, he graduated from Williamstown High School and shortly thereafter became employed by the Irving Bank Trust Company in New York City. The following year in August 1927, Harold entered Allen's School of Commerce in Troy, NY, where he took a 2-year commercial teachers course. After graduation hefound employment as a Business College Teacher, where he worked during the taking of the 1930 Census. In September 1935, Harold seems to have returned to Schenectady, NY, where he was engaged by the Spencer Business School as head of the secretarial department for the ensuing year. He held this position at least through the 1939-1940 school year. Shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Harold felt his call to duty. In February 1942, he enlisted in the US Coast Guard, then under US Navy supervision, at the Albany, NY, recruiting station. Throughout his stint in the Coast Guard, Harold served in CurtisBay, MD; New London, CT; Groton, CT; Palm Beach, FL; West Palm Beach, FL; and Manhattan Beach, NY. At the time of his departure from the Coast Guard in October 1945, Harold received an honorable discharge. Newspapers further noted that priorto the war, he served as Assistant Principal of Spencer Business School in Schenectady. Utilizing these skills, he taught shorthand and typing while in the service. He trained about 250 men and 2,000 women - the men for immediate sea duty and the women each replacing a man on shore duty. At the time of his separation, Harold had no plans for his immediate future. By April 1947, though, Harold seems to have found work - this time in Roanoke, VA, as teacher and principal of the School of Secretarial Science of the National Business College. The following June he enlisted in the Navy Reserve at Norfolk, VA, for a term of 4 years. By April 1956, Harold was an instructor at Hollins College in Roanoke - a position he heldfor 15 years. Haroldfinally retired in 1970 and returned home to Pownal. In May 1984, he was elected historian at the local American Legion Post. Shortly after this, Harold seems to have fallen ill. He died in Bennington, VT, of congestive heart failure on 21 December 1985. He was buried in the North Pownal Cemetery in Pownal.

US Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010
Name: Harold John Arbour
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 2 May 1908
Death Date: 21 Dec 1985
SSN: 108103075
Branch 1: CG
Enlistment Date 1: 21 Feb 1942
Release Date 1: 22 Oct 1945 
ARBOUR Harold John (4255I)
* Occupation:Cotton Mill Worker (1880)
* Residence:North Pownal, Bennington Co, VT, in 1880, in May 1897, in 1900, in Jul 1902, and in 1920 (Halifax Rd); Pownal, VT, in May 1910 and in 1930 (with dau Nora and family)
* Burial:Hoosick Rural Cemetery in Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer County, New York, USA
* Immigration:1878 from Canada to USA
* Baptism:6 JAN 1869 L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Quebec, Canada
* Note:The 1920 Census reports that Elizabeth emigrated in 1885, which we know to be an error, as she appeared with her parents in the 1880 Census.

From Monica LOZO via message board on 26 Jul 2009: I am researching my family history and found that Elisabeth Arbour was married to my g-great grandfather John Lozo. In a 1910 Census I have shows they are married and Elisabeth's two sons are on the census Harry Arbour, age 8, Henry Arbour, age 6. Elisabeth is on John's death certificate as his wife and John is on Elisabeth's death certificate asher husband. Elisabeth is John's second wife, his first wife, Louise Rindeau, died. She was his first wife and the mother of my great-grandfather Samuel Lozo. Samuel was the father of Laurance Lozo Sr my grandfather. Laurance Lozo Sr was the father of Laurance Lozo Jr my father.

From Monica LOZO via message board on 26 Jul 2009: I have posted some information for you on a lost Hoosick Falls Family. Elisabeth Arbour was married to my g-great grandfather. I don't know if they had any children together as I am still searching this information myself. Elisabeth was much younger than my g-great grandfather but the 1910 Census I have shows Elisabeth's two sons Harry and Henry 8 & 6 yrs old. It also shows that I had 2 great Aunts that were living in the household at the time, Nora age 10, and Esther age 20 both Lozos. I have been reviewing some of your postings and you havea lot of names that are also in my family. I do know that my g-great grandfather who was married to Elisabeth was also from Canada, not sure what part as of yet still going through some papers. I hope this helps you. If I can be of any help please email me at

From Monica LOZO via email on 28 Jul 2009: How are you related to Elizabeth Arbour? Elizabeth's last name Arbour, is that from a former marriage? And do you know who she was married to before? According to the information I have on the 1910 census, it shows John and Elizabeth married and four others living in the household. Nora Lozo, age 10, Harry Arbour, age 8, Henry Arbour, age 6 and Esthur Lozo, age 20. There is no information on a Mary B. (Lozo) born sometime around Mar 1900. So I would presume that Nora, was from John's first wife Louise, not Elizabeth since Harry and Henry are younger with the Last name Arbour on the census. I remember hearing the name Arbour on my fathers side of the family when I was growing up and that's about all. My father's (Lawrence Lozo, Jr.) mother (Doris Charbonneau) died when he was five years old, and he and his brother Ralph were put in a orphanage (I believe it was St Joseph's) sometime after she died (15 November 1934) she is buried in the Belleview, Adams, MA cemetery; next to my g-grandmother (Delia Lozo) Delia's surname was (Matatt) she was married to Samuel Lozo, who was a son of John Lozo. Also my grandfather, Lawrence Lozo, Sr. is buried next to them. I do not have any information on when John and Elizabeth were married. I do know that they are both buried in the Hoosick Falls Rural Cemetery. Also Nora and Jay Ogden Buck had a daughter named Janette Elizabeth Buck who was born in 1920 and died 27 June 1921. She is also buried in the Hoosick Rural Cemetery. I have attached a copy of the 1910 census that my brother gave me, printed from

From an email to Monica LOZO on 17 Aug 2009:
Elizabeth ARBOUR was born the 5th of 12 children to Moise ARBOUR and Melina VAILLANT on 05 Jan 1869, in L'Assomption, Quebec. Her family emigrated to the US in 1878. Elizabeth was only ever married to John LOZO, to my knowledge. They were married on 30 May 1897 in Pownal, VT. This information comes from a kind woman in the Pownal library, who supplied a great deal of birth, marriage, and death info for this ARBOUR branch.

Elizabeth and John are found in the 1900 Census with
Joseph 22 b Mar 1878
John 20 b Jan 1880
Napoleon 17 b Oct 1882
George 15 b Aug 1884
Louis 13 b Nov 1886
Arthur 11 b Feb 1888
who are presumably all children from John's first marriage to Louise RINDEAU.
Nora 1 b Nov 1898
Mary B 2 mos b Mar 1900

Elizabeth and John are found in the 1910 Census with
Nora E 10
Harry ARBOUR 8
Henry ARBOUR 6
who are both Elizabeth's nephews; they are sons of her brother Moses.
Arthur LOZO 20
who is John's son Arthur from his first marriage.
The strange thing about this Census is that Elizabeth is noted as only having had 1 child and that 1 child is still living. Why no mention of Mary B? Perhaps the Census taker did not even ask Elizabeth how many children she had borne and just assumed Nora was the only one.

Elizabeth and John are found in the 1920 Census with
Joseph MUSEAU 45
who was a border.
By the way, Elizabeth and John lived next door to daughter Nora and her husband Jay BUCK at the time of the Census. Their daughter seems to have not yet been born.

According to her Death Registration, Elizabeth was born on 06 Jan 1869.

According to cemetery records, Elizabeth died on 03 Apr 1941. She had 3 children 
ARBOUR Elizabeth (3531I)
* Occupation:Employee of Edwards Manufacturing (1938-1945); Employee of EET Corporation (1948); Augusta Firefighter at Northern Ave Station (1955-1957); Firefighter in Togus, ME (1960); Employee of the VA in Togus, ME (1962)
* Event:Military US Navy - S2 (31 Oct 1942 - 10 Nov 1945)
* Note:Armand's US Navy Service via Muster Rolls
Service # 208 77 07

24 Jan 1943 -- USS Wharton -- sailing out of Seattle WA
Rating S1c -- Seaman, 1st Class
Enlistment Not Available
Received from 41st Construction Battalion 22 Jan 1943

29 Jan 1943 -- USS Wharton -- arriving at Kodiak AK
Rating S1c -- Seaman, 1st Class
Enlistment Not Available
Transferred to NOB Kodiak AK

US Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010
Name: Joseph T Arbour
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 8 Nov 1920
Death Date: 25 Feb 1999
SSN: 005096575
Branch 1: N
Enlistment Date 1: 31 Oct 1942
Release Date 1: 10 Nov 1945 
ARBOUR Armand (2149I)
* Occupation:Hockey Player as a young man; later with Ontario Hydro; Soldier (1945); Laborer (1949); Ontario Hydro (1957); HEPC (1965); Lineman (1968)
* Event: Military WWII - Royal Canadian Air Force
aka Butch ARBOUR

Notes from about 2000: Elmer always enjyed playing hockey and actually got the opportunity to play as a professional. As WWII broke out, Elmer served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Upon return fromthe War, Elmer resumed playing hockey. In those days if you came to a small town to play hockey for them, the townspeople found you a job. Elmer eventually came to Gravenhurst, Ontario, to play for the Indians. While in Gravenhurst, he met Ruth, his future wife. Later Elmer went to play for the Powassan Hawks and was offered a job with Ontario Hydro. They owned a home in town as well as a cottageon the east end of Lake Nipissing, just outside of Callander, Ontario. Even after Elmer no longer played hockey, they stayed there in their little piece of heaven. They finally converted their cottage to a permanent home and sold their place in town. Ruth still lives in their big place with the huge yard.

Personal Information
Last Name: ARBOUR; First Name: Elmer J.; Date Deceased: 14 February 1992; Age: 72
Service Information
Rank: Corporal; Service Number: R130311; Units: Royal Canadian Air Force; Period of Service: WWII
Legion Branch Information
Member Title: __ ; Legion Branch: Powassan Branch; Location: Powassan, Ontario
Preceded by
Position createdSt. Louis Blues captain
1967–70Succeeded by
Red BerensonPreceded by
Red BerensonSt. Louis Blues captain
1971Succeeded by
Jim RobertsPreceded by
Scotty BowmanHead coach of the St. Louis Blues
1970–71Succeeded by
Scotty BowmanPreceded by
Bill McCreary Sr.Head coach of the St. Louis Blues
1971–72Succeeded by
Jean-Guy TalbotPreceded by
Earl Ingarfield, Sr.Head coach of the New York Islanders
1973–86Succeeded by
Terry SimpsonPreceded by
Bobby KrommWinner of the Jack Adams Award
1979Succeeded by
Pat QuinnPreceded by
Terry SimpsonHead coach of the New York Islanders
1988–94Succeeded by
Lorne HenningBarrie Newspaper Index (ON)
Arbour, Elmer Joseph, (Married on 30 Apr 1949) Marriage notice appeared in Barrie Examiner (Barrie), 12 May 1949, page 4 (Lillian Ruth Sheehy, Gravenhurst)

Barrie Examiner (ON) -- 12 May 1949
A quiet but pretty wedding was solemnized in St James Anglican Church, Gravenhurst, on Saturday, 30 April at 10:30 am, when Lillian Ruth, only daughter of Chief Constable and Mrs. Elmer Sheehy of Gravenhurst, became the bide of Elmer Joseph Arbour, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Arbour of Penetang. Mrs. Harold Pitson of Gravenhurst was bridesmaid and Alan McLeod of Orillia was groomsman. Ven ArchdeaconJ.B. Einisell officiated. A reception was held afterwards at Vincent's Restaurant after which the happy couple left for a short motor trip. Mr. and Mrs. Arbour will reside in Gravenhurst. 
ARBOUR Joseph "Elmer" (3128I)
* Occupation:initially Stenographer, then Private Secretary in a Law Office (1930, 1940); by 1942 worked for Henry L. HARRINGTON, an Adams, MA, lawyer who later became a Berkshire County Judge; afterretirement,Assistant Town Clerk of Pownal,VT (1965+)
* Burial:North Pownal Cemetery in Pownal, Bennington County, Vermont, USA
* Education:ABT 1917 attended Bliss Business College in North Adams, MA, for 2 years
* Religion:Episcopalian -- attended St Mark's Church in Hoosick Falls, NY
* Medical Information:She had been ill for 2 weeks before her death, but had suffered with dementia for quite some time before this.
* Note:Gertrude never married or had any children.North Adams Transcript (MA) -- 01 Feb 1929
Company M won a rifle shooting match at the State Armory from the North Adams' Girls' Club last evening. Several of the North Adams young women had excellent totals. The Company M Team won by a margin of 76 points. The North Adams' Girls' Club team scores follow: . . . Miss Gertrude Arbour, 127, . . .North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 26 Jun 1935
. . . Gertrude R. Arbour, tax collector, re-elected for one year. . .North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 30 Jun 1937
The annual meeting of the North Pownal School District was held Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in the school hall. A very small number of the voters of the district were present. The warning was read by the moderator, Michael Furlong, after which the election of officers for the ensuing school year took place and the reports of the school committee, tax collector, treasurer, and auditor were read and accepted. The following officers were unanimously elected: . . . tax collector for one year, Miss Gertrude R. Arbour, . . .

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 29 Jun 1938
The election of officers took place as follows: . . . Gertrude R. Arbour, tax collector for one year, . . .

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 28 Jun 1939
The following officers were elected: . . . tax collector, Miss Gertrude Arbour.

In 1940, Gertrude reported that she had earned $1560 in 1939.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Tuesday 05 May 1942
Mrs. Michael Hogan, Miss Melba Cooper, and Miss Gertrude Arbour are assisting the teachers in the North Pownal graded school as registrars in the sugar rationing registration being conducted this week.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Tuesday 16 Jun 1942
. . . The members of the class entitled to the certificates are . . . Miss Gertrude Arbour . . .

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Jul 1942
The first of three gas rationing registration sessions began yesterday afternoon at the North Pownal Graded School, under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Burlington, teacher in the intermediate room of the school. She was assisted by Ray Beaudry, a member of the board of school directors, Miss Melba Cooper, treasurer of the school, and Miss Gertrude Arbour, tax collector.

The Berkshire Evening Eagle (MA) -- Saturday 06 May 1944
DEEDS THAT GO ON RECORD IN BERKSHIRE -- Realty Transfers Entered Recently For Registry In County
Cheshire -- Arbour Gertrude R -- Samuel W Lewis et ux, Church St
Lewis Susie Abbie -- Gertrude A Arbour, Church StBennington Banner (VT) -- 27 Oct 1989
In 1989, Gertrude donated 2 acres of land adjacent to the North Pownal Cemetery and across the street from her home. The cemetery was getting full and she helped to enlarge it with her donation. The land was "part of her family's 77-acre farm." Arbour was secretary-treasurer of the Association (Cemetery) in past years, and she also served as Assistant Town Clerk after she retired at age 62. Arbour was born in 1903 in Bennington, where her grandfather had a livery stable, she said. Her parents moved to North Pownal in 1917, where she attended grammar school. When she was 14, Arbour enrolled inthe Bliss Business College in North Adams, MA, and after graduating, became first a stenographer then a legal secretary for anAdams, MA, lawyer Henry Harrington, who later became a Berkshire County Judge. A marker will be placed in the new section of the cemetery inscribed, "The Orchard, donated by Gertrude Arbour, 24 October 1989."

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- 05 Jun 1990
The two acre plot donated to the Cemetery by Gertrude Arbour was dedicated on 28 May 1990. The plot was called "The Orchards." The Rev. Joel Miller, a retired Episcopalian minister from St Marks Church in Hoosick Falls, NY, where Arbour, with her late father, mother, and brother have worshipped for many years. Rev. Miller spoke of the history of the Arbours in North Pownal, their services to the community in many ways, and of the appropriateness of the gift of land which he saidwill add another 200 years of life to the beautiful little cemetery, which holds so much Pownal history.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- 29 Aug 2005
TODAY IN LOCAL HISTORY (original year unknown)
Pownal, VT -- A special meeting of the North Pownal Cemetery association was held yesterday in the Congregational church social room. Nine members were present. New officers were elected to make the association active. Orrin Peckham was elected president, and Gertrude Arbour was elected secretary and treasurer. 
ARBOUR Gertrude Rebecca (4139I)
* Occupation:Laborer (1880); RR Hand (1887); Laborer (1889, 1893); Teamster (1898, 1900, 1903); Farmer (1901); Liveryman (1904); Saw Mill Laborer (1910); Car Repairer - B & M Railroad (1911-1922); Employee - 174 State St (1928); Teamster - Lumber Company (1930)
* PROP:1930: They rented a house for $22 per month; they also owned a radio set.
* Residence:PownalTwpBenningtonCoVT 80; NPownalNY Jun87; NAdamsMA May89; WilliamstownMA Nov93 Jul98 Oct98; StamfordBenningtonCoVT 00 Mar01 & Aug02; BenningtonVT Mar04; NAdams MA 10 (4DunbarAve) 11 (82VeazieSt) 14-19 (57StateSt) 20-22 (7HookerSt) & 28-31 (16HookerSt)
* Burial:16 JAN 1934 Southview Cemetery in North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA
* NATU:29 AUG 1902 US Citizenship - Bennington, Bennington Co, VT
* Note:There is some mystery surrounding the life of Moses. On 26 Jun 1887, he married "Pluba" POST in Pownal, VT. The 1900 Census shows his wife as being named "Rheba," who was born May 1860 in QC. It also shows a daughter Addie born in Oct1890 (nothing more is ever found of this girl) and a son Fred born in May 1894. Well, Fred's death record shows him born on 09 Nov 1893. Which is correct? Furthermore, the 1920 and the 1930 Census returns show Moses as being married to "Mary," who was born in QC in about 1872. The 1920 Census also shows several more children for Moses: Harry (b ca 1901 VT), Henry (b ca 1903 VT), and Budgisol (b ca 1908 MA) (nothing more is ever found of this girl either). In VT vital records, there is a birth record for a male child (no doubt our Harry) born in Stamford, VT, on 31 Mar 1901 to Moses ARBOUR and "Libbie," who was born in Plattsburg, NY. However, a check of Pownal, VT, records shows a death record for Harry Joseph ARBOURborn in Stamford, VT (ok here), to Moses ARBOUR and "Philomene ALLARD." Who is she? In addition, VT vital records show the birth of Henry Albert ARBOUR on 4 Feb 1903 to Moses ARBOUR and "Thebie" POST (or PORT, handwriting is poor). Accordingto the same source, this Thebie was born about 1866 in Burlington, VT. Is Pluba, Rheba, Libbie, and Theba all the same woman? How does one explain Rheba (b 1860 QC), Libbie (b NY), and Theba (b 1866 VT)? Also, how does Mary fit in here? Is Philomene ALLARD someone whom Moses married later in life?
--> Note added on 16 Sep 2011: How is it that dau Irene's mother was listed as Phoebe ALLARD in 1898, when Moses did not marry Ms. ALLARD until 1904? It is all very confusing.
--> At the time of Moses death, no wife was mentioned in his obituary. Interesting.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Saturday 10 Dec 1898
H. W. Allsop has sent one team and Moses Arbour sent two teams to Bennington, VT, to work on bridges being built to replace those which were swept away by the big washout last fall.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 14 Dec 1898
Moses Arbour and Harry Allsop, who went to Bennington last week with teams to draw stone for a large wall that is being built in consequence of the big washout last fall, returned the day after they went, the conditions being found quite different from what they expected. They say they were given a box stall for a bedroom and that their teams were placed in a very dangerous position at the quarry, large stones being swung by derricks directly over the horses. One horse on the job was ruined by a 4200-pound rock hitting him and there have been several narrow escapes.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 28 Dec 1898
Moses Arbour sent two teams yesterday to Bennington, VT, to work on the wood job of Carpenter & Canedy.

Index Card from Moses' Naturalization Record:
Name: Moses Arbour
Birth Date: 1863
Birth Place: Canada
Age at event: 39
Place of Residence: Stanford, VT
Court: Bennington Municipal Court, Bennington, VT
Date of Action: 29 Aug 1902
Collection Title: Index to New England Naturalization Petitions, 1791-1906 (M1299)
NARA Series#: M1299; Roll#: 48; Roll Description: A536 (A.) - B226 (Pietro)

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Monday 28 Dec 1925
Moses Arbour of North Adams visitng at the home of his sister Mrs. Eva Nadeau Friday.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Wednesday 24 Nov 1926
Moses Arbour of North Adams was a Sunday guest of Mrs. Eva Nedeau.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Friday 03 Jan 1934
Mrs. Minnie Nadeau has been called to North Adams by the serious illness of her brother Moses Arbour.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Monday 15 Jan 1934
Moise Arbour, 72, a resident of North Adams for more than half a century, died at his home on Morris Street on Saturday morning at 11:15 o'clock following an illness of 9 days. He was a native of Canada. For more than 40 years, he was employed by the Boston & Maine Railroad and later was employed by the Dibble Lumber Company. He retired three years ago. Mr. Arbour was a member of the Veterans' Railway Association and Notre Dame Church. He was widely known in this city and highlyesteemed. His survivors are a daughter Mrs. Bernadette Meekins of this city; four sons, Edward, Henry, and Harry Arbour of this city, and Frederick Arbour of Mechanicville, NY; a stepson Victor Parenteau of Montague City; a stepdaughter Mrs.Anna Prescott of Bermuda; three sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Lozo and Mrs. EvaNadeau of North Pownal, VT, and Mrs. George Wells, of this city; and four brothers, Joseph, Albert, and John of this city, and Edward Arbour of Mechanicville. The funeralwill be held tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock in Notre Dame Church. Burial will be in Southview Cemetery.

North Adams Transcript (MA) -- Tuesday 16 Jan 1934
Funeral services for Moise Arbour of 64 Morris Street, who died on Saturday, were held this morning at 9 o'clock in Notre Dame Church with Rev. Eugene StMartin officiating at a mass of requiem. The services were largely attended and there were many floral tributes. Burial was in Southview Cemetery with Rev. C. H. Jeannette officiating. The bearers were Daniel Horn, James Molloy, Frank Purtell, Edward Meekins, Louis Viens, and Thomas Marshall. 
ARBOUR Moses (2396I)
* Occupation:Printer (1891); Typographer (1892, 1901); Head of a Printing Workshop (1911); Master Printer (1931)
* Note:Pierre-Alexis was not listed with his parents in the 1881 Census. Perhaps he had already left home and moved to Montreal to begin his career as a printer. In 1901, Pierre earned $1200 as a typographer. Furthermore, there is considerable history of the building in which Pierre located his printing business, According toMorrey's Classified Business Directory in 1899, a printing and publishing business known as Arbour & Laperle was located at 421 St Paul St in Montreal -- now at the address known as 171 rue Saint-Paul Ouest. Printer Pierre-Alexis Arbour was noted as Tenant from c.1895 to c. 1910, during which time he rented the building fromthe Corporation of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Montreal. Pierre was in partnership with Omer C. LAPERLE and then Charles DUPONT. According to Denis ARBOUR, Oscar LAPERLE was Pierre-Alexis' business partner. Later -- c. 1905 -- Pierre-Alexishad a new business partner by the name of Charles DUPONT and Arbour & Laperle changed to Arbour & Dupont.

Note added 16 Sep 2008: Apparently Pierre-Alexis took a trip to England during 1925. On 7 Nov 1925, he sailed from Southampton, England, aboard the Ausonia bound for Quebec City, QC. He was eventually to travel to 80 St Joseph Blvd West, Montreal, QC. 
ARBOUR Pierre Alexis (4871I)
* Occupation:Roman Catholic Nun; Nun/Servant (1910); Teacher (1917); Sister (1923)
* Immigration:BET 1896 AND 1923 from Canada to USA
* Baptism:10 DEC 1867 Ste-Therese, Terrebonne County, Quebec, Canada
* Event:Godparents Olivier DESCHAMBAULT and ... DESJARDINS
* Note:Clarisse was also known as Sister Marie-de-Ste-Eustelle.

According to the 1901 Census, Clarisse (aka Claris) was born on 03 Jun 1868.

On 17 Jul 1917, Clarissa travelled to the US via the port of St Albans, VT, to visit Holy Angels Convent in St Albans, where she ended up staying for 2 years. She was noted to be 5'5" tall with a medium complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes.

In Jun 1923, Clarice again travelled to the US via the port of Montreal, QC, to a convent in New Bedford, MA. This time, she was noted to be 5'6" tall with a medium complexion, grey hair, and brown eyes. 
ARBOUR Marie Clarisse Albina (5750I)
+11/05/1776 de HOCHART marie marguerite 88 ans épouse de SAISON jean martin témoins : SAISON Jacques fils et BELVA jean françois beua fils 
HOCHART Marie Marguerite (35026I)
Famille 125596U
16 ans au recensement de 1901 à St-Tite de Champlain (Rf: 1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: QU CHAMPLAIN (#146) Subdistrict: Saint-Tite) 25 ans au recensement de 1911 à St-Timothée (Rf: 1911 Census of Canada Quebec Champlain 37 St. Timothée) 
TRAHAN Ovila (77841I)
1647 à Aire : Jan COCUD labour à Warnes, fils et her de déffuncts Martin COCUD et Isabeau DE CANLERS ; en ceste ville le 1/12/1621 par les dits Martin et sa dite femme, déffuncts, au proffit de feu Mre Jacques DESCAMPS ; transport d'icelle rente à Aire le 21/6/1631 par Damlle Margueritte DELEFLIE vefve du dit feu DESCAMPS, au proffit de feu Jacques SARRAZIN, vivant alphere de la compagnie de feu Monsieur le Comte de Busquoy, demt à Hesdin ; hipotecque à Blessy le 12/10/1640. Au proffit de Damlle Anne LEJOSNE vefve du dit feu SARRAZIN, de Pernes

1656 à Aire : Mre Lambert COCUD pbre, Jan COCUD labourier à Rincq, Adrien JUDA labourier à Blessy (barré : et Margte COCUD sa femme), iceux COCUD enffans et hers de feuz Martin et Isabeau DE CANLERS ; le 1/12/1621 les dits Martin COCUD et sa femme au proffit de Mre Jacques DESCAMPS. Au proffit de Damlle Marie DESCAMPS maitresse des filles dévotaires de St Franchois d'icelle ville d'Aire, ayante le droict par transport d'icelle rente des enffans de Monsieur SARASIN.

1661 à Aire : Robert RICAME mannouvrier demt à Aire et Susanne BACHELET sa femme; de Jacques COCHART marischal demt en la dite ville et Margueritte LEGRAND sa femme; rente créé par Martin COCUD labour demt à Ham paroisse de Blessy et Isabeau DE CANLERS sa femme, au prouffit de Mre Jacques DESCHAMPS greffier de ceste ville, le 1/12/1621, transport de Damlle Margueritte DELEFLIE vefve du dit DESCHAMPS, au proffict de Jacques SARAZIN frére utérin à la dite BACHELET, du quelelle est here, le 20/6/1631, reconnu par Martin et Phles COCUD enffans et hers du dit Martin, au prouffit de Damlle Anne LEJOEUSNE vefve du dit SARAZIN, le 28/4/1637, reconnu par Jan COCUD au proffict de la dite Damlle LE JOEUSNE, le 26/10/1647. Additif le 3/3/1662 à Aire : Toussaint RICAME fils à marier de Robert et Susanne BACHELEZ, Marie LESTOCART aussy fille à marier, de la dite Susanne, dems à Lillers 
COCU(D) Martin (43877I)
1651 transport du 28/11/1651 ...................une rente créée par Jean DECOCQ fils d' Eustache, labour à Eperlecques et Jeanne HIELLE sa femme .......... 
DECOCQ Jean (132319I)
1714 (n°109)

Jean FIOLET jh à marier demeurant à Arques fils de feus Jean et Marie Jeanne CARON.
contracte avec
Marie CLAIRE LEFEBVRE veuve de Claude SELLIER, demeurant à Arques 
Famille 319507U
1949 University of Detroit in Detroit, MI:

Patricia was selected for membership in Alpha Chi Tau, the Women's Activities Honor Society -- to promote social activities among the members and to promote the ideal of proper balance in the activites of the women students of the University. A member could only be selected by applying and having a sufficiently high scholastic average and having attained a minimum number of activity points.

From her senior entry . . .
Candidates for Degrees -- Commerce and Finance
14286 Rochelle, Detroit
Sr. Class Secretary; Alpha Chi Tau; Sodality; Phi Gamma Nu 
UNKNOWN Patricia Betty (47I)
1951 Louisiana State University
Seniors -- College of Agriculture
ARBOUR, VIRGINIA, Baton Rouge; Vice=President, Delta Zeta; Lambda; Vice-President of Freshman Class; Student Senate.

The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA) -- Thursday 20 Jun 2013
Virgnia Arbour Tomeny
Virginia was a homemaker and a native and resident of Baton Rouge. She died peacefully at 3:00 am Thursday, 20 June 2013, at her residence. She was 84. Visitation will be held at Rabenhorst Funeral Home East, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Friday. Visitation will resume Saturday at St Thomas More Catholic Church from 10:00 am until the Mass of Christian Burial at 11:30 am, conducted by the Rev. Thomas Duhe. Interment will follow at Roselawn Memorial Park. Virginia is survived by her daughters: Erin Tomeny Kurtz and husband James W. Kurtz, and Elizabeth Tomeny Ritchie; her sons: T. Stephen Tomeny, Jr. & Teddine Andrus, Patrick J. Tomeny & wife Ellen Grace Tomeny, and Timothy R. Tomeny; sisters: Eloise Arbour Selig, and Sister Jane Louise Arbour, CSJ; 10 grandchildren: Sara T. Rounds & husband Brian, Lauren A. Tomeny MD, Katherine T. Richardson & husband Ethan, Ted S. Tomeny, James Tomeny, Thomas Tomeny, Mary Katherine Ritchie, John Ritchie, Robert Ritchie, and KatieKurtz; one great-grandson: Garen Rounds. She was preceded in death by her husband: Theodore S. Tomeny; infant daughter: Frances Carol Tomeny; parents: Sidney Vincent Arbour, Sr. & Julia Bahlinger Arbour; siblings: Sidney V. Arbour,Jr., Katherine Arbour Hannaman, Gertie Lee Arbour McNeely, J.B. Arbour and Robert F. Arbour. She was a member of St Thomas More Catholic Church, a graduate of St Joseph's Academy and LSU, and was a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge. Memorial donations may be made to Hospice of Greater Baton Rouge, St Joseph Academy or Catholic High School. A guest registry is available at 
ARBOUR Virginia Mary (7179I)
1975 University of Detroit in Detroit, MI:
Graduates -- Arts and Sciences
EDMUND P. ARBOUR, PhB, 8778 Quincy, Detroit. Philosophy

Detroit Free Press (MI) -- 13 Mar 2007
ARBOUR EDMUND PAUL 77, of Farmington, 11 March 2007. Beloved husband of 47 years to Ethel Jane. Loving father of Laura (Richard) Dinon, Paul (Paola), Frank (Rhonda), David (Eva), and Stephen. Cherished grandfather of eight. Also survived by many additional family and friends. Funeral Mass Wednesday, 14 March, 1 pm (in state 12:30 pm) at St Gerald Church, 21300 Farmington Rd., Farmington. Visitation Tuesday 2-8 pm, with a 7 pm Rosary, at the Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home, 23720 Farmington Rd., (btw 9-10 Mile Rds., just N. of Grand River), downtown Farmington (248-474-5200). Those who wish to further honor the memory of Mr. Arbour may do so by making a contribution to American Heart Association, 
ARBOUR Edmund Paul (3134I)

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